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Noburyu Tsutomu Design Inc is also a design office specializing in image design, although it will also do paper design. We also make images using designs made by CG or motion, and using drone.

Drone has introduced the latest drones that can shoot pictures with up to 6K picture quality and has obtained "national inclusive flight permission application".


信龍努 Noburyu Tsutomu


2014.4 東京のデジタルハリウッドにてCG/映像を学ぶ

2015.4 プロジェクションマッピングのCGディレクターとしての活動や、映像案件に多く携わり現在に至る

Acting as a graphic designer at Colt Design in Nagasaki

2014.4 Learn CG / video at digital Hollywood in Tokyo

2015.4 Acting as a CG director of projection mapping, and engaging in video projects a lot now